Wild Kangaroos, Sydney Tours

wild kangaroos sydney

Wild Kangaroos, Sydney Tours

Ever wanted to walk with Sydney’s wild kangaroos?

Experience Sydney’s wild kangaroos

See Sydney wild kangaroos with Sydney Tours by Travel Ideology. You may have asked where near Sydney, can I see wild kangaroos or how can I see kangaroos when I come to Sydney or where can I see a kangaroo in Sydney. No trip to Australia is complete without an opportunity to come walking with Sydney wild kangaroos with Travel Ideology. Come and explore Sydney’s wild kangaroos with Travel Ideology’s unique tours and enjoy this unique Sydney kangaroo experience.

Our friendly knowledgeable guides aka ‘our kangaroo whisperers‘ are the best there are and will convey you to the Blue Mountains or Outer Sydney or another location where we normally see many kangaroos in the wild, playing, eating, sleeping, stretching, etc. This is the best wild kangaroo tour or experience you will find anywhere. If you want Sydney’s best kangaroos tour or experience you have found it.

On some of our Sydney wild kangaroos tours, we have seen over 100 roos in the area on one day. If you are lucky, you may watch wild kangaroos fighting, joeys sticking their heads, legs and/or tail out of their mother’s pouches, or large muscular alpha macho roos strutting their stuff. At times, we may see courtship behaviour as the male approaches a potential mate. You will have time to walk around, watch and photograph their antics. You will learn all about these highly intelligent and social animals.

Wild animal encounter experiences are mesmerising and magical. People who come walking with Sydney kangaroos in the wild with Travel Ideology’s specialist guides appreciate the uniqueness of the experience with these gentle furry beings.

Book your Sydney wild kangaroos tours with us in advance as time slots do fill up.

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Customer Focused Sydney Tours

We use comfortable transport, generally hybrid vehicles so as to get close to the wild roos. Our Sydney tour departures are normally scheduled around sunset and national park opening times. At times we can also offer sunrise tours on demand. We take our guests away from the main tourist routes.

As all of our Sydney tours are private tours, you have complete flexibility over your pickup locations and drop off locations. It also means that the only people on your tours are your group. This means that we spend more time with the wild animals and are not limited by someone else’s timetable. 

We can take children as young as 3 with prior notice. Our Sydney tours can also be modified if your group include people with walking difficulties.

This is the best wild kangaroo experience operating in Sydney. It is wildlife watching at its best.

This is a true wild animal experience with wild kangaroos roaming free, not a walk through a zoo or animal park. That means that whilst you may get close on this tour, you will not be able to touch them.

Kangaroos are unique

Kangaroos are unique animals in many ways. They are of the family “macropod” meaning big foot, so they are the only real life “Big Foot” scientifically proven anywhere in the world. They cannot walk backwards and are the largest animal to get around by hopping. Their babies travel in the pouches for up to 18 months. They hold records as some of the highest and longest jumpers in the world and propel themselves at up to 65km/h or faster than a race horse. Some say they are cute bundles of fur.

The female kangaroo (doe) can hold an embryo and two joeys at the same time making different milk for each of the joeys and holding the embryo in suspended animation until conditions are right in adverse times. A rather amazing talent, is that they can even determine the gender of their offspring. You will learn more on one of our kangaroo tours.

Kangaroos are a Symbol of Australia

The kangaroo is a symbol of Australia, appearing on both the coat of arms and the Australian Olympic flag. They appear on our coins and postage stamps and are the symbol of our national carrier. Our sports teams are often named after them. Our sporting teams are often named after them – The Wallabies. The Australian Rugby League Team Tour of England is named the Kangaroo Tour. The Australian men’s basketball team is known as the Boomers (a male kangaroo is a boomer).

Australia is the only country in the world to eat the animals on its coat of arms. Their meat is very healthy being high in protein, low in fat and having no cholesterol. It also tastes delicious.

Other Australian fauna

We often see native birds there (including kookaburras, galahs, sulphur crested cockatoos, eastern rosellas, crimson rosellas, rainbow lorikeets, magpies, etc). You will see trees commonly only found in Australia, as we drive and walk through the Australian bush. Moreover, this is typical Australia. On this unique tour, not only will you see a wild kangaroo near Sydney, you may also see some other and Australian wildlife and beautiful locations. If you want to see more Australian animals, consider our walking with wild wombats tour.


Our Sydney kangaroo tour price includes pickup, transport to the wild kangaroos and return to your central Sydney pickup point.

Sydney Wild Kangaroos in an Urban Setting

If you would prefer, we can take you on a tour to a town where wild kangaroos roam the streets. Here you will see them in people’s gardens. See Urban Kangaroos Also, where it is not possible to see wild roos in the national parks (parks may be closed due to flood or bushfire threat, etc or the roos may not be able to be spotted due to opening times, etc) we may choose to upgrade you to this tour at no charge.

Sydney Wild Kangaroos Tours – Details

Departure time
Departure time for our wild animal tours will normally be arranged so that we arrive just before sunset. This is the time when the kangaroo is most active and are most likely to be available for visitors. Join us for the best wild kangaroo tours in Sydney, Australia. You will receive a separate email regarding this. Departure is normally between 1:45pm and 4:45pm.

These are wild animals. As such, there is no guarantee that any kangaroos will be there for us on our Sydney Tours when we get there. However, if there are no wild kangaroos, we will provide you a voucher to attend on another occasion at no charge. This has only ever happened once in our history.

Wild Kangaroos Sydney Tours Photo Gallery

Wild Kangaroos Sydney Tours Testimonials

★★★★★ Lynne A

The best Kangaroo experience ever

“Bruce has the best excursion I have ever been on in my life. I have been on at least 500. He is the nicest most knowledgeable caring travel operator I have ever been with. My daughter and I saw a truly amazing amount of kangaroos. Bruce pointed out so many bits of information about many of the kangaroos and there environment and where to see them. I can’t even believe the incredible experience we had I am truly thankful and am sure there will never be another excursion that could ever surpass or be as incredible as this. Huge check off my bucket list.

★★★★★ Sandra H

Close up encounter of kangas in their natural environment!

“We couldn’t imagine traveling to Australia and not having a kangaroo experience but we’re not into supporting zoos. Bruce’s private guided excursion was the perfect answer! He picked us up at our hotel and filled our heads with all things kangaroo for the 45 min drive to the western suburbs of Sydney. Our excursion was early evening to catch the kangas during peak grazing time but I also liked that the timing allowed us to pack more into our day!

While I get that there are no guarantees, let me say that we hit the “Kanga jackpot” with Bruce, observing no fewer than 30-40 kangaroos in their natural settings! Bruce knew just where to find them! We viewed some from his car but also got out and got close enough for great photos and observation, including moms with joeys in pouches and large males!I highly recommend this excursion with Bruce!

★★★★★ Sareeka H

Once in a lifetime experience!! Kangaroos galore 🥰 Don’t miss out – book now!

“I’m left standing speechless! We weren’t sure what to expect- and it turned into a once in a lifetime experience!

From the moment we booked the private tour, Bruce kept in touch with us and provided clear details of our tour! The expectation is that we would go on a kangaroo scouting adventure! And Bruce fulfilled!!!

… Our first encounter with a kangaroo took my breath away. I sat in the backseat with my window down and couldn’t believe it! There he was just staring at me! As we drove on, I thought, oh no- what if we don’t see anymore… Ha! Wow- did we ever see kangaroos! …

We booked the private tour knowing that it was just us and Bruce in his car! Bruce provided educational information about kangaroos and also pointed out beautiful Australian birds throughout the drive (cockatiels, colorful parrots and Kookaburra)!”

If you’re thinking of way to see kangaroos in Australia- this tour is definitely it! You won’t be disappointed- you’ll be walking away with such a warm feeling in your heart knowing you walked around the Australian parks with kangaroos in their natural habitat. Priceless!!!

★★★★★ Bill S

Exceeded our expectations

“Exceeded our expectations. Pleasant drive thru the country in a comfortable auto. We saw dozens of kangaroos in the wild. We were able to get out and walk near them. Bruce was delightful and very informative. We highly recommend.

★★★★★ Mark V

“We didn’t know what to expect from this tour. Well, it turned out to be a highlight of our visit to Australia! We literally saw hundreds of kangaroos from as close as 10 meters! Got tons of great pictures and made memories to last a lifetime! Our guide was a pro and was full of fun facts about kangaroos and Australia. Highly recommend!” 

★★★★★ Bill S

“Bruce was great! We had great fun and the Kangaroos and setting exceeded our expectations. We saw lots, many at close range. The tour name is apply named.” 

★★★★★ Dan J

“This tour might have been the highlight of our week-long trip to Australia. Our tour guide, Bruce Josephs, was engaging and well-versed on the subject of Kangaroos. He took us to a remote part of the Sydney metropolitan area where we saw hundreds of free-roaming Kangaroos. We didn’t get too close to them (they are wild animals, after all) but we were able to take dozens of pictures and videos. It was a great time and I highly recommend this tour to any visitors!” 

★★★★★ Erik B

“This was excellent. Not only did we see dozens and dozens of kangaroos in the wild, we had a superb travel companion in Bruce. He knows his kangaroos, but has also traveled the world and brings a terrific perspective to all things Sydney and Australia. He went above and beyond to ensure we had a good experience when we were delayed by thunderstorms, and really made it a great tour for my twelve year old son (and me!). Highly recommended!” 

★★★★★ George G

“Bruce the guide was awesome. We hoped to see kangaroos and we saw so many it far exceeded our expectations. Started with a spotless clean car that’s semi-battery so when we are close that the car engine doesn’t scare them. We went through a neighborhood where we saw kangaroos then to a national park and walked through a field and watched about 10-15 of them enjoying the vegetation from about 10 feet away. We saw amazing birds including the beautiful Rainbow laurakeets.

When the tour was over Bruce was supposed to drop us at the Ferry – well he stopped there and checked it out first to be sure it was running which it was not and then took us to the train station. I’m sure another guide may have dropped us and drove off. The tour was supposed to be 3-1/2 hours, at 4 hours Bruce said if you guys have just a few more minutes we can take a drive to a park where I know the cockatoo hang out at night. They are amazing birds. Bruce was more interested in our tour and seeing the wildlife than he was the clock. He was awesome and I would recommend him and this tour to anyone.

★★★★★ Carlos L

“Una experiencia única. Bruce (nuestro guía) , conoce muy bien el área, sabe mucho y
hablaba muy bien español.

★★★★★ Steve A

“Bruce was an outstanding guide! He was knowledgeable and very friendly! We found at least 40 Kangaroos in the wild with amazing photo opportunities, This experience is highly recommended.”

★★★★★ Alain C

“From the meeting time with our guide Bruce up to the last minute of this discovery, we had a blast. Not only Bruce knew his way around, he knew so many facts about the city, the country, the animals, it shows that he’s doing his job with passion. We we’re lucky to see more than a few kangourous, but probably around 50 of them. And always ready to point birds flyng around and giving us details about them. Thank you so much Bruce for the kindness , knowledge and friendship you gave us during this tour.”

★★★★★ Susan G

“Enjoyed seeing such healthy and happy kangaroos. We were able to get quite close. Bruce is a terrific guide and I learned a lot of information I didn’t know. Well worth the price to be on a private tour. Thanks for the great tour, Bruce!”

★★★★★ Jean H

“It was so exciting to see wild Kangaroos! We took some great pictures and it was such an experience to see them jumping across a field. And seeing a Joey nursing from his mother’s pouch! Bruce gave us lots of information about kangaroos and Australia in general. It was a wonderful tour that I would recommend to everyone.” 

★★★★★ Vt Pare

“Bruce did an awesome job of keeping us entertained through conversation on the drive from our hotel to where we could find wild kangaroos. The national park he took us to had male, female, and joeys – we were able to see some out on open grassy areas and others in the brush/bush. Bruce also pointed out other wildlife that we would not see where we are from. Highly recommend you give this trip serious priority!” 

★★★★★ Expedition

“My Grandson and I had a great time, we were able to get very close to the Kangaroos and get great pictures. Our tour guide Bruce Josephs was awesome, very knowledgeable.”  

★★★★★ Johan L

“We (family of 6) did a fantastic tour and saw up to 60 wild kangaroos just a bit outside Sydney. Bruce did a great job in spotting them…” 

★★★★★Karl U

“Der Ausflug war tatsächlich wie vereinbart nur für uns zwei, die Betreuung durch unseren Guide wirklich ausgezeichnet. Er ist sehr freundlich auf alle Wünsche eingegangen. Wir haben mehr als 50 Kängurus gesehen und tolle Bilder gemacht, auch von Babies, die fröhlich aus dem Beutel der Mutter schauen. Außerdem haben wir diverse australische Vogelarten gesehen und viele Tips für unseren Aufenthalt in Australien erhalten. Wer nur wenig Zeit Sydney hat und gern Kängurus sehen möchte sollte unbedingt diese Tour buchen”.

We also received this email

“Hi Bruce just to say a big thank you for this evening – what a great and interesting tour we both really enjoyed it! Here’s one of my more interesting pictures from my phone which may be of interest (I can’t get the pictures from my camera until I get home) – big thanks once again and I’ll be sure to recommend this to anyone coming to Sydney, very best wishes Giselle and Ben”

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