Wild Kangaroos, Sydney Tours

Wild Kangaroos, Sydney Tours

Ever wanted to walk with wild kangaroos?

See Sydney’s wild kangaroos

Come and explore areas known for their wild kangaroos in Sydney and its surrounding area. We head to the Blue Mountains or Outer Sydney where we normally see as many as a dozen kangaroos, playing, eating, sleeping, etc. On some tours, we have seen over 100 kangaroos in the area on one day. If you are lucky, you may see kangaroos boxing or joeys sticking their heads out of their mother’s pouches. You will have time to walk around, watch and photograph their antics. Wild animal encounter experiences are mesmerising and magical. People who get to see wild kangaroos up close with Travel Ideology appreciate the uniqueness of the experience with these gentle furry beings. This is a true wild animal experience with wild kangaroos. That means that whilst you may get close, they will not let you close enough to touch them.

Kangaroos are unique

Kangaroos are unique animals in many ways. They are of the family “macropod” meaning big foot, so they are the only real life “Big Foot” scientifically proven anywhere in the world. They cannot walk backwards and are the largest animal to get around by hopping. Their babies travel in the pouches for up to 18 months. They hold records as some of the highest and longest jumpers in the world and propel themselves at up to 65km/h or faster than a race horse. Some say they are cute bundles of fur. Kangaroos are a symbol of Australia, appearing on both the coat of arms and the Australian Olympic flag. Australia is the only country in the world to eat the animals on its coat of arms. Kangaroo meat is very healthy being high in protein, low in fat and having no cholesterol. The female kangaroos can hold an embryo and two joeys at the same time making different milk for each of the joeys and holding the embryo in suspended animation until conditions are right in adverse times. You will learn more on one of our tours.

Other Australian fauna

We often see native birds there (including kookaburras, galahs, cockatoos, rosellas, rainbow lorikeets, magpies, etc). You will see trees commonly only found in Australia, as we drive and walk through the Australian bush. Moreover, this is typical Australia.


Our price includes pickup, transport to the kangaroos and return to the Parramatta ferry where many people enjoy taking a ride back into the city. Optionally, we can return you to your accommodation in Central or Western Sydney.

Urban Kangaroos

If you would prefer,we can take you to a town where kangaroos roam the streets. Here you will see kangaroos in people’s gardens. See Urban Kangaroos

Other Tour Details

Departure time
Departure time will be arranged so that we arrive just before sunset. This is the time when kangaroos are most active and are most likely to be available for visitors.

These are wild animals. As such, there is no guarantee that any kangaroos will be there for us when we get there. However, if there are no kangaroos, we will provide you a voucher to attend on another occasion at no charge. This has only ever happened once in our history.


For more information about our Sydney Wild Kangaroos Tour please contact us.

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