Sydney parrots and other native birds

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Sydney parrots and other native birds

Our Sydney parrots tour is amazing. Whilst our kangaroos, koalas and wombats are iconic, there’s more to Australia than our amazing mammals. Did you know that one sixth of the world’s parrots species call Australia home? Moreover, 56 species of the 300 or so species of parrots are found in Australia, and only 5 of these are found elsewhere in the world. These species are large curious intelligent colourful birds with powerful curved beaks for cracking nuts and seeds. They can also feed on fruit, nectar and sometimes insects. They normally nest in hollows in mature trees. Parrots have two toes pointing forwards, and two toes pointing backwards. Our amazing parrot family includes cockatoos, lorikeets, rosellas and budgerigars.

Our city full of parrots with their beautiful colourful plumage can brighten up some of the dullest days. Not only that, about 5% of the world’s parrot species are found in our amazing city and many are found throughout its suburbs. Furthermore, parrots are some of the most intelligent bird species. Our Sulphur Crested Cockatoo for instance has learnt to lift the quite heavy garbage bin lids in search of a snack. In some suburbs, the parrots come and knock at windows in search of food. In other suburbs, the sulphur crested cockatoos take a bite out of the woodwork. They are famed for their beautiful crests which are used in courtship. Our beautiful colourful rainbow lorikeet, another favourite. can often be seen feeding on the nectar of flowering eucalypts and banksias.

On this parrots tour, we will search for parrots in at least 3 different locations. During the day we may see many of our colourful parrots including king parrots,  cockatoos, lorikeets, corellas, galahs, more parrots . On some days we may only find a few of these species, on others we will find ten or so. Often, we may also see other native birds including our pelicans, ibises, kookaburras and magpies. Book Now

Unique Island

Our city’s waterways have many hidden and unique islands. In this tour, we take a leisurely boat to a very special island where there are no private cars. Here, people use old wheelbarrows to cart their shopping from the ferry wharf to their homes and school children ride their bikes to the wharf to catch a ferry to school. We walk around this beautiful small island, the locals call paradise. It is a haven for Australian parrots and other native birds and a beautiful tranquil area to spend some time. We will most likely see kookaburras, rainbow lorikeets and sulphur crested cockatoos. On many occasions, we also see eastern rosellas, king parrots, galahs, corellas and even pelicans.

Olympic Lunch Stop

This tour will stop for lunch at Olympic Park, where the 2000 Australian Olympics were held. Here, we will meet some of the local ibis (also known as bin chickens because they raid garbage bins). We will also take a short walk to visit a wetlands area where we may see some of our lovely water birds. We head to a specially constructed permanent hide. Bring binoculars to see them the best. At times, we are able to see pelicans and black swans in this location. We will generally see other water birds at the same location.

In the afternoon, we will visit suburban areas where many species of parrot make their homes.


In a city known for its stunning harbor views and iconic landmarks, Sydney’s parrots add an extra layer of beauty and charm to the urban landscape. Whether soaring overhead in a kaleidoscope of colors or foraging for food amidst the foliage or simply perched high in the eucalypts, these feathered denizens bring a sense of wildness and vitality to the heart of the city. So the next time you find yourself in our city, join one of Travel Ideology’s Sydney Parrot Tours, take a moment to look up, and you might just be treated to a dazzling display of nature’s splendor courtesy of our parrots.

Other Tour Details

These are wild animals. As such, there is no guarantee that any birds will be there for us when we get there. However, if we do not see at least 3 species of parrots, we will provide you an opportunity to attend another occasion at no charge. This has not happened on this parrots tour in our history.

Who will enjoy our Parrot tour?
This tour is for international tourists who have an interest in seeing and appreciating some of our unique and colourful bird life. We transport you to the places where you will have the best chance of seeing our amazing parrot and bird life.

Whilst twitchers may like to join this parrots tour to get to see our bird life, our Sydney Parrots tour is not a twitchers (or bird watchers) dream as we may not provide the duration or detail about the birds you desire.

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