Urban Kangaroos Sydney

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Urban Kangaroos Sydney

Urban Kangaroos are no myth and they are found not far from Sydney.

You may have heard about kangaroos hopping down Pitt St and kind of figured it was a myth. Whilst it is true that a wallaby was once seen crossing our Harbour Bridge with NSW Police in hot pursuit and a Ferry was known to fish a wallaby from our Harbour, it is not normal to see these animals in the city centre. Even ‘Skippy The Bush Kangaroo’ lived in Waratah Park at Terrey Hills, a suburb away from the centre. However, there are little known areas of the metropolis and beyond, where it is possible to see roos. Travel Ideology’s Tours can even take you to show that the stereotypical kangaroo living in people’s front yards does actually exist in some places. This tour focuses on seeing urban kangaroos, ie. those roos that live in an urban environment sharing their town with people.

Kangaroos are unique

The original kangaroos (Procoptodon) stood at 2 metres high not much taller than the current red kangaroos and appeared in Australia before the aboriginals arrived. Kangaroos are the real big foot. They are from the family macropod, literally big foot. Their large feet have tendons that act as springs and allow them to hop, attaining speeds faster than a racehorse. With amazing reproductive capabilities, great speed and intelligence, roos are impressive. However, in this trip you will see them living alongside human beings. This is something that you really need to see. Add it to your bucket list and join us for a very memorable trip.

Unique Excursion – Town Dwelling Roos

Kangaroos and people do not live together normally. In fact, in some areas of Australia, they have become a pest. With a more than 3 to 1 ratio of roos to people it is easy to understand why.

However, in this township the residents, both human and kangaroo alike have found  a way to coexist in harmony in an urban environment. This is no wildlife reserve or sanctuary. There are no fences to keep the roos in or out or separated from the human beings. Very few people from the city and very few people from outside of Australia get to experience this unique situation. This is something special and an animal encounter you will remember for the rest of your life.  

Kangaroos in interesting surroundings

Here live some urban dwelling wild roos you may like to see with the help of Travel Ideology. We offer tours to see these majestic animals in some quite unusual surroundings. We often see roos in people’s gardens and front yards, heeding at give way signs, post boxes, looking after the garbage, tending to gardens, guarding cars, visiting friend’s houses and in many other interesting instances. This is a built up township nor far from our city and it needs to be experienced to be believed.

Get close but stay safe

It is an interesting opportunity to get close, but not too close, to wild roos in this unique environment. We often see some very pregnant mothers with joeys inside and outside of the pouch as well as macho macropods, often looking as ripped as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Apart from the roos, we also often see rainbow lorikeets, sulphur crested cockatoos and kookaburras in the same area. Occasionally, we have also seen galahs and eastern rosellas.

Urban (or peri-urban) kangaroos are a special sight. Because they are more used to people, they also need to be treated differently from other wild roos. Your guide will help you remain safe throughout the encounter – just listen to the advice they give. 

Sunset Tours

We normally run the tours to coincide with sunset as this is the time the kangaroo population is most active and easily spotted.  

Photo Gallery

Below is a photo gallery of some images of urban macropods in a township we visit. You may see similar sights from our Pelicans and Kangaroos tour. or as a tour by themselves.

Urban Kangaroos Testimonials

★★★★★ Sejal S

One of the best tours and tour guides in Sydney

“This tour was one of the biggest highlights of our whole trip! Bruce is an amazing tour guide. We saw so many kangaroos in the wild, including a huge male, many females, and a baby in a pouch! We had seen some kangaroos at the wildlife sanctuary but it just didn’t compare at all to the experience of seeing them in the wild. We learned so much about these amazing animals from Bruce.

He’s also just an incredibly kind person. There was a major traffic jam on the way back so he took out his own time to take us somewhere to eat so that we could enjoy a nice dinner while the traffic cleared. Couldn’t recommend Bruce and this tour enough!.

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