Sydney Harbour (Walking Tour)

sydney harbour

Sydney Harbour (Walking Tour)

Sydney Harbour Tour (Walking)

Join our Sydney Harbour tour to see one of the most majestic, unique and beautiful harbours in the world. It is world famous for our mighty Harbour Bridge and uniquely shaped Opera House as well as its yearly New Year’s fireworks and Boxing Day yacht race to Hobart. Geologically, the harbour is a drowned river valley. It is 19 km long and has an area of 55 km2. At high tide it holds 562 million cubic metres of water, making it one of the largest in the world. Historically, the harbour was selected as the first location for European settlement because it had both a tranquil port and a source of freshwater. The Harbour and Parramatta River are a focal point for this metropolis of 5 million people (275,000 who actually live in the city itself).

Busy but relaxed harbour

On the water, there are all manner of aquatic transportation. From the cruise ships and ferries to sailing craft and even jet boats and kayaks,  you will be thrilled surveying the waters surrounding our great city. Tourists come to the city by Cruise ship. Commuters come to work by ferry. Can you think of a better way to go to work in the morning? Not far from the city centre, at Rose Bay, you will find the city’s first airport, still serving a few small seaplanes.

It is a beautiful natural paradise where people come sailing, swimming and cruising. Boats and kayaks ply its pristine waters. Around its shores, grassy areas and bushy tracks, people spend time walking, jogging, picnicking, etc. Here you can walk through bush trails whilst viewing the yachts on the harbourside and the expensive homes on the other.

Inner Harbour Islands

In the harbour itself, there are a number of islands, some recreational and others with historical significance. Cockatoo Island and Fort Denison both hold historical significance. Fort Denison was a penal island in its day at the beginning of the city’s history. Cockatoo Island was also originally a penal settlement.  There is also some evidence to suggest that it may have been a meeting place for aboriginals even before this. There are other islands such as Shark Island that are great picnic spots.

It would be very easy to believe that everyone in the city is always enjoying their leisure in and around the harbour as we walk by. However, business people in suits are also seen in the CBD and peak hours mean gridlock coming into and going out of the city. 

What will we see?

On this tour, we will meet at NSW Art Gallery. From the art gallery, we will walk past the Naval Base and Lady Macquarie’s Chair to the Botanical Gardens. Here, we are likely to see some Australian native birds and  flora. There will be time to take some great photos of our iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge (the Coat Hanger). We will then pass by Circular Quay and the Rocks before walking up and across the Harbour Bridge. On the other side, we will make a short detour to walk under the Harbour Bridge to see the smiling face of Luna Park. On this tour, we will pass some of the old sandstone buildings that give the city its charm.

Walking around the city, we will notice many modern architectural masterpieces but also historical buildings that made use of the plentiful Hawkesbury sandstone the area was rich in at the time.

What to bring

Bring comfortable walking shoes, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, water bottle and a jacket. As this is a walking tour, it is suggested that if it looks like it could rain, that you bring an umbrella, rain jacket or poncho. 

With clean air and sparkling waters you will definitely want to visit. Travel Ideology can guide you around our beautiful Harbour.

We can tailor our tours as desired.

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