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Northern Beaches Sydney Tour

A paradise in a city

Our Northern Beaches Sydney Tour shows a paradise within a city.  Just a short drive away from the city’s bustling metropolis, are our Northern Beaches. They offer a captivating blend of coastal beauty, pristine beaches, and a laid-back lifestyle. This collection of beachside suburbs is a haven for both locals and tourists, providing an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.  Moreover, it is a combination of sun, surf and a relaxed lifestyle. This is set against a beautiful bushy background is just the beginning of what the area offers.

The region encompasses beaches and coastline from Manly Beach to Palm Beach and as far out as Forestville, Frenchs Forest, Ingleside and Terrey Hills. Led by a Sydneysider who grew up in this beautiful seaside area, you will be in for a treat. With stunning beaches, breath-taking waterways, mind blowing scenery and a laid back seaside culture, it is difficult to find a comparison anywhere else in the world. In fact, there are likely only a few modern cities with a population of 5 million or more offering beautiful safe swimming areas in a climate where the city’s people can enjoy them.

An isolated northern peninsular

Our Sydney Northern Beaches are linked to the rest of the city by only 3 access points (Spit Bridge, Roseville Bridge and Mona Vale Rd). This isolates it from the rest of our metropolis ensuring its unique culture remains. Moreover, this Beaches peninsular is a treat with sandy foreshores and coastlines, beautiful bush, pure water and air so clean you need to breathe it to believe it. With its relaxed coastal living, its natural beauty, cultural richness and proximity to a large modern metropolis, it is something special.  It is something you will really want to get to know. This region has a unique sense of community spirit, with a strong emphasis on the outdoors and a laid-back coastal lifestyle.

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A diversity of Sydney beaches and waterways

Asking which of our beaches is best is possibly only a question for people who have not visited the area. Basically, some are better for surfing such as Long Reef with its great break. Others are sheltered for swimming such as Freshwater and Whale Beaches. Whilst some are relatively secluded, beaches like Manly and Dee Why Beaches have restaurants and cafes overlooking them. Many have their own charm.

In addition to the surf side seashore, the area is known for its splendid waterways and offers a lake, 2 lagoons and 2 major waterways in the form of Pittwater and Sydney Harbour.

Our Northern Beaches offers a relaxed culture that revolves around water activities

This ‘Beaches and Bush’ Peninsula in the northern part of our city is synonymous with water activities. It boasts 30 kilometres of beautiful golden sandy coastline and picture perfect scenery. From the Norfolk pine fringed Manly beach-side to the palm trees of Palm Beach, the area is a recreational heaven. You will pass sparkling waterways where boats bob up and down in the calm sparkling waters. Moreover, people swim, surf, body surf, snorkel, sail, kayak, windsurf, boat and fish throughout the area. Hence, you will see the sailing and motor boats as we traverse the foreshores of this amazing area of the world. Furthermore, many people jog, run and cycle taking in the area’s clean salted air. What’s more, surf life savers patrol every major beach in the area.

The insular peninsula, as it is known, is a great equaliser. Whilst some of the most expensive real estate is there and it is a popular place to live for some of the city’s movers and shakers, the people are really down to earth. Even the ex prime minister Tony Abbott was often interviewed coming out of the surf in just his Speedos. Moreover, people from all walks of life go into the fish and chip shops in just their swimmers and thongs.

Bushy Northern Suburbs

In addition to the wonderful water, the area has more than its share of bush in the national parks and leafy suburbs. Ku-ring-gai National Park at the Northern extreme of the Beaches offers stunning views and untouched bush. Moreover, our Beaches tour offers the opportunity to visit small secluded beaches where at times we will be on your own after a long walk through the bush. We may be able to see the city skyline from North Head. Throughout our Northern Beaches Tour you will be surprised at the amount of greenery in the suburbs we pass.

Unique side of Sydney

A small group private tour of this area is a fascinating way to see a side of this city that many people never experience. Even people who have lived in other parts of Sydney their whole lives have often never even experienced this area as you will experience it. This is a truly unique part of the world, shown off by someone who has lived there. Visit the amazing beaches and bush of the north. Explore the beautiful flora and amazing fauna and maybe see a wallaby, water dragon (a large lizard) or even a goanna (a larger lizard). We are to our knowledge, the only private Northern Beaches tour that takes you to where the wallabies live. See the beautiful harbours and sandy shores. Walk around the small rock pools and possibly see small sea life (such as sea anemones and small crabs).

Beaches Tour Highlights

Some of the highlights and inclusions of our full day beaches tour are:

  • With luck and dependent on season, see some animals such as wallabies, whales, goannas and water dragons
  • Walk along a suburban sandy beach
  • Explore one of the city’s rock pools
  • Experience the pristine wilderness of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park
  • See Lion Island from West Head
  • See Summer Bay from Home and Away
  • View the city skyline from North Head, one of the city’s best vantage points
  • Catch the Manly Ferry back to the city (or we can drive you back if you prefer)

Did you know?

Freshwater Beach was the birthplace of surfing in Australia when a Hawaiian surfer, Duke Kahanamoku started showing off what he could do with a surfboard he’d made himself 100 years ago.

What to bring on your Northern Beaches Sydney tour.
Bring your swimming costumes and towel (if you wish to swim). Bring comfortable walking shoes, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, water bottle and a jacket.

Please contact us for more information about this tour or any other of our tours.

Come on our full day tour of Sydney’s Northern Beaches paradise with someone who grew up there.

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