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Sydney Harbour (North of)

Sydney Harbour Tour (North of)

Sydney Harbour is one of the most majestic, unique and beautiful harbours in the world. It is world famous for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney’s unique Opera House as well as its yearly New Year’s fireworks. However, it is much more.

It is a beautiful natural paradise where people come sailing, swimming and cruising. Boats and kayaks ply its pristine waters. Around its shores, grassy areas and bushy tracks, people spend time walking, jogging, picnicking, etc. Here you can walk through bush trails whilst viewing the yachts on the harbourside and the expensive homes on the other.

The harbour has many small islands. Some offer natural and historical significance. Cockatoo Island, listed by UNESCO allows you to camp overnight and Fort Denison is just large enough to support the unusual sandstone building that is build on it. Others such as Shark Island provide a spot in the middle of the harbour for picnickers.

You want to sleep with wild animals? Taronga Zoo is located on the side of a hill overlooking the harbour. It offers ‘roar and snore’ experiences where people can spend the night at the zoo.

There are many small harbour beaches including Balmoral and Chinaman’s beach. Balmoral has a netted swimming pool and Cremorne Point has a rock swimming pool where you can swim and watch the Sydney skyline at the same time.

Options include:
• Tour of the Sydney Opera House
• Tour of the pylon museum of Sydney Harbour Bridge
• Walk around the harbour
• Visit Cockatoo Island or Fort Denison
• Stay at the Taronga Zoo (roar and snore)
• Take a ferry to one of Sydney’s amazing destinations

What to bring
Bring comfortable walking shoes, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, water bottle and a jacket.

With clean air and sparkling waters you will definitely want to visit. Travel Ideology can guide you around Sydney Harbour.

We can tailor our tours as desired.

For more information of our Sydney Harbour Tour please contact us.