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Urban Kangaroos near Sydney

Urban Kangaroos are no myth

You may have heard about the kangaroos hopping down Pitt St and kind of figured it was a myth. Whilst it is true that a wallaby was once seen crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge with NSW Police in hot pursuit and Sydney Ferry was known to fish a wallaby from Sydney Harbour, it is not normal to see kangaroos in the centre of Sydney. However, there are little known areas of Sydney and beyond, where it is possible to see kangaroos. Travel Ideology’s Sydney Tours can even take you to show that the stereotypical kangaroo living in people’s front yards does actually exist in some places. This tour focuses on seeing urban kangaroos, ie. those kangaroos that live in an urban environment sharing their town with people.

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Kangaros are unique

Kangaroos are the real big foot. They are from the family macropod, literally big foot. Their large feet have tendons that act as springs and allow them to hop, attaining speeds faster than a racehorse. With amazing reproductive capabilities, great speed and intelligence, kangaroos are impressive. However, in this trip you will see them living alongside human beings. This is something that you really need to see. Add it to your bucket list

Town Dwellers

However, here are some urban dwelling wild kangaroos you may like to see with the help of Travel Ideology. We offer tours to see these majestic animals in some unusual surroundings. We often see kangaroos in people’s gardens and front yards, at give way signs, post boxes, tending to gardens,guarding cars and in many other interesting instances.

Below is a photo gallery of some images of urban kangaroos in a town not far from Sydney, Australia. These can be viewed as part of our Pelicans and Kangaroos tour. or as a tour by themselves.