Northern Beaches, Sydney

Northern Beaches, Sydney

Northern Beaches Tour

Our Northern Beaches Sydney Tour shows a paradise within a city. With stunning beaches and national parks and a laid back beach culture, it would be difficult to find a comparison. Sydney’s Northern Beaches are linked to the rest of Sydney by only 3 access points (Spit Bridge, Roseville Bridge and Mona Vale Rd) making it a little secluded from the rest of the Sydney metropolis ensuring its unique culture remains. The Northern Beaches are a treat with beautiful beaches and bush, pure water and air so clean you need to breathe it to believe it.

A city culture that revolves around water activities

The Northern Beaches is synonymous with water activities. People are seen swimming, surfing, body surfing, snorkelling, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, motor boating, fishing. Many people are seen jogging, running, bicycling as they take in the area’s clean salted air. From the Norfolk pine fringed Manly beaches to the palm trees of Palm Beach, the area is a recreational heaven. The insular peninsular is a great equaliser. Whilst some of the most expensive real estate is there and it is a popular place to live for some of Sydney’s movers and shakers, the people are really down to earth. The ex prime minister Tony Abbott was often interviewed coming out of the surf in just his speedos. People from all walks of life will go into the fish and chip shops in just their swimmers and thongs.

unique side of Sydney

A tour of Sydney’s Northern Beaches is a fascinating way to see a side of Sydney that many people never experience. Visit the amazing beaches and bush of the north. Explore the beautiful flora and fauna and maybe see a kangaroo or goanna (a large lizard). See the beautiful harbours and beaches. Walk around the small rock pools and see small sea life (such as sea anemones and small crabs). If you want (and the season and weather permitting), we can snorkel in Shelly Beach where you can be lucky enough to swim with a groper (a big blue fish), a baby shark, skate or other fish. We can even take in a night view of the city skyline at one of the best viewpoints.

Some of the options for this tour are:
• See Aboriginal carvings
• Walk on a deserted beach
• See a suburban Sydney beach
• Visit some of the rock pools Sydney
• Walk to a lighthouse
• See Summer Bay from Home and Away
• Arrival or departure to Palm Beach by seaplane
• View Sydney skyline at night from excellent viewpoints

What to bring
Bring swimming costumes and towel (if you wish to swim). Bring comfortable walking shoes, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, water bottle and a jacket.

To arrange a private visit to Sydney with us, please contact us and let us know what you want.

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